Monday, July 27, 2009

finding a voice

in my day-to-day work, its necessary for me to keep my illustrative styles unique and different to fit the project at hand...this happens so much that lately ive have a hard time figuring out whats best for me...right now im working to find my own 'voice' by giving myself some little projects to see if something liking these critters i created using a combo of illustrator and photoshop...i also used a site called babelfish to translate the words into italian...makes it kinda fun and gives a nod to vintage circus posters...


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see more. So get bloggin'.....

  2. johnny, johnknee, however u like it..........this stuff is RICH!!!!!!! i am liking your new approach to blogging. yay u!

  3. johnknee-LoVE those animals--you should illustrate a children's book-seriously you should.
    also love the influences you listed-alot of them are my faves also-
    see you-tammy