Friday, July 31, 2009


ok i like robots...heres a few guys that ive been working on here and there...check out my pal maura cluthe's blog fragmented and see her wonderful 'bots she has for sale...enjoy!

inspired ABC's

one of the illustrators i have in my blog list is paul thurlby...hes a UK illustrator that i found through some design surfing...his work is very cool and i was particularly interested in his inspired me to start my own alphabet as an exercise...ive made it a bit tough on myself using shorter words and trying to incorporate the letter itself differently into the illustration; for instance, how do i make the hand look like a "G" and not something too using a particular font as my base for each of the letters as well...thanks for the inspiration paul!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hello moto

i get really fired-up by bold, heavy, graphic work; thick black lines that can choke a horse you know?...inspiration can come from places like a vintage hatch show print poster or the hand-brushed lettering on a rat rod car...for this little project i was inspired by my brother who is a member of a motorcycle 'club'...most club logos ive come across are fire breathing, skull-laden, crossed gun, beer can logo rip-offs with very little originality or creativity...yawn...seems that these patches are reserved for the harley crowd, of which i am not a current ride is a humble little bmw k1200gt and with that, i decided to create my own 'KLUB' patch, rockers and join all you have to do is wear a fez...and be a monkey...

Monday, July 27, 2009

finding a voice

in my day-to-day work, its necessary for me to keep my illustrative styles unique and different to fit the project at hand...this happens so much that lately ive have a hard time figuring out whats best for me...right now im working to find my own 'voice' by giving myself some little projects to see if something liking these critters i created using a combo of illustrator and photoshop...i also used a site called babelfish to translate the words into italian...makes it kinda fun and gives a nod to vintage circus posters...